Years Two and Three

Year Two

Year two continues by moving from planning to action, with a focus on deployment of community strategies and a systematic understanding of each community’s key processes and assets that need to be leveraged, as well as to how to identify and evaluate them for improvement and maximize results.  We help communities identify the key results they need to track and the measures critical to understanding how successful they are at reaching their goals.  Finally, we revisit core values and concepts that are integrated across the Communities of Excellence framework and that are vital to sustainable, long-term success.

Year Two Objectives

  • Prioritize and develop an action plan around one or more opportunities for improvement (OFIs) from your Communities of Excellence assessment feedback.
  • Analyze and refine your community excellence group operations (Category 6).
  • Develop a community performance scorecard (Category 4).
  • Analyze and refine your community excellence group leadership processes (Category 1).
  • Continue to refine the Community Profile and use as a driver of community performance excellence.

Year Three

In year three we will dive deeper into each community’s operations and continue to address prioritized opportunities for improvement.  We will also add a focus on Residents and Other Customers (Category 3) and People and Organizational Resources (Category 5) to ensure that the residents' voice is systematically captured, that they are engaged in community efforts and that the people and organizations that do the work of the community are aligned, engaged and their contributions are maximized.