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Benefits of Participation

  • Collaborate with sector leaders and Baldrige experts; sharing approaches, innovations, best practices, successes, and challenges to accelerate your community’s collective efforts;
  • Learn from and network with other communities on their community performance excellence journeys;
  • Engage with community leaders and Baldrige experts in facilitated sessions designed to accelerate your systems thinking knowledge; and
  • Become trailblazers to an innovative approach to community improvement.

The greatest advantage of engaging in Communities of Excellence 2026 is evident by looking inside the hearts and minds of the community leaders involved. If you had this power of insight, you would witness…

  • More awareness and consideration of the bigger picture and more regard for systems than sector silos;
  • Ah-hah moments recognizing interconnectedness;
  • Decision-making processes respectfully weighing multiple and diverse perspectives along with reliable data;
  • Confidence growing;
  • Satisfaction of knowing the right things to do to get desired results;
  • A sense of pride for the positive aspects of community;
  • Relief in knowing individual leaders are not alone in their vision and desire for excellence.