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Expectations of the Participating Communities

To fully benefit from this collaborative, we believe that communities will need to understand and meet the following expectations:

Key Leadership Commitment

To maximize results, the Learning Collaborative should be a recognized priority by each individual participant as well as participating organizations’ senior leadership and governing boards. 

Dedicated Project Resources

This effort requires a committed backbone organization to manage the collaborative, and within it, at least 2-3 individuals to serve as project leaders for the collaborative.  It is expected that these individuals will attend and participate in all sessions, complete assignments as required, and be able to educate the broader collaborative leadership on the COE Framework and its implementation.  The project leaders will oversee the day-to-day activities of the team and the time, resources, and accountability needed to succeed. 

A Commitment to Applying the Baldrige Principles

Succeeding in this work requires a willingness to embrace systems-wide thinking and action. Successful communities will commit to learning the Baldrige Principles or will have leaders that are already skilled in its implementation.

Valuing Diversity and Inclusiveness

Participating communities must recognize the importance of celebrating diversity and actively seeking to include diverse opinions. They acknowledge that they must engage and consider all resident voices to create and enjoy living in a community of excellence.

Dedicated Support for Measurement and Data Infrastructure

Few organizations or collaboratives have all the data they need to understand and improve their communities. In addition to using the data already available, communities may need to develop new ways to collect and use data, including looking beyond their own data systems to external sources.