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Who Should Participate?

We work with communities ranging from a small rural city of 7,500 residents to a large urban region of over 2 million.  What they have in common are cross-sector, inter-generational groups of formal and informal community leaders who are willing to commit the time, energy, and resources to apply the principles of community performance excellence to their community with a committed backbone organization(s) to support them. 

We are looking for up to 6 communities that:

  • Have commitments from members of key sectors such as health, education, business, government, social services and safety, as well as generations to participate; OR
  • Have a pre-existing community leadership team representing multiple sectors.  This could take many forms including regional coalitions or a pre-existing collaborative.
  • Have an identified backbone organization(s) that provides the ongoing support required    to sustain the effort and serve as the main contact.
  • Are willing to share generously and commit the time and resources required to meaningfully engage in implementing the Communities of Excellence Framework.
  • Have individuals engaged that possess a knowledge of Baldrige Performance Excellence Principles or a strong desire to learn.