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Years Two and Three

Year 2 moves from planning to action, with a focus on development and deployment of community strategies based on the priorities identified in year 1.  Emphasis is on identification of key results your community will track and the measures critical to understanding how successful you are at reaching your goals,  and engagement of diverse voices to achieve your goals. Emphasis is placed on the core values and concepts that are vital to sustainable, long-term success.

Year 3 assesses the systems and structure in place that are needed to sustain your community excellence efforts.  Continuous improvement is emphasized through prioritization and planning to address opportunities for improvement from your community’s feedback report from previous years.  Key concepts around leadership, strategy, measurement, and communication are revisited and reinforced, with an emphasis on best practice sharing between all the communities in the Learning Collaborative.  By the end of year 3 your community should be well on its way to having established, values-driven community leadership who collectively visualize a shared future, speak a common language across sectors, share responsibility for community outcomes and have structures in place for sustainability, succession planning, and data-driven decision making.