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Years Two and Three

Year Two

Year two continues by moving from planning to action, with a focus on development and deployment of community strategies and a systematic understanding of your community’s key processes and assets that need to be leveraged, in addition to how to identify and evaluate them for improvement and maximize results.  We spend a good deal of time on how to identify the key results your community needs to track and the measures critical to understanding how successful you are at reaching your goals.  Finally, we return to the 20,000-foot level by revisiting core values and concepts that are integrated across the COE Framework and that are vital to sustainable, long-term success.

Year Two Objectives

1.      Analyze and improve your community excellence group leadership processes for effectiveness.

2.      Create a strategy and metrics that align with your Community Profile.

3.      Utilize your feedback report to build on key highlights and address key considerations for improvement (OFIs).

Year Three

Year three ensures that your community has the systems and structure in place to sustain its Community of Excellence efforts.  Significant attention is given to prioritization and planning to address opportunities for improvement you’re your community’s feedback report.  Key concepts around leadership, strategy, measurement and communication are revisited and reinforced, with an emphasis on best practice sharing between all the communities in the Learning Collaborative.  By the end of year three we expect that your community will be well on its way to having established, values-driven community leadership who collectively visualize a shared future, speak a common language across sectors, share responsibility for community outcomes and have structures in place for sustainability, succession planning and data-driven decision making. 

Year Three Objectives

1.      Align your Community Profile, your strategy and the other components of your community work.

2.      Utilize your feedback report to build on key strengths and address key opportunities for improvement (OFIs).

3.      Refine your community leadership system for sustainability.