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2018 Volunteers

Communities of Excellence 2026 would like to thank for the following individuals for generously volunteering their time in our 2018 Community Assessment and Recognition Program.

Mike Belter, Budget Analyst Staff, American Electric Power Company

Courtney Bishoi, Senior Director, Quality, American Health Care Association

Dean Bondhus, Immediate Past President - KyCPE Board of Directors

Jamie Capeheart, Manager, Organizational Development, Goodway Group

Judy Crabtree, Executive Director, Kanawha Coalition for Community Health Improvement

Gene Dankbar, Health Systems Engineer, Mayo Clinic

Midge Duncan, President, Corval Search

Randy Fisher, President & CEO, DigiWise Digital Solutions and Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University

Kim Halfhill, KH Consulting

Marcia Harrington, Executive Director, SPQA-VA and DC

Cary Hill, CEO, Mesa

Margot Hoffman, President and CEO, the Partnership for Excellence

Angela Howarth, Director, Quality Scotland

Karen Kliment-Thompson, Vice President Ancillary Services, Community Hospital McCook Nebraska

Kathy Letendre, President, Letendre and Associates

Jeff Lucas, Director, Be Safe, University of Virginia Health System

Mac McGuire, CEO, Quality Texas Foundation

Michelle Mejia, Assistant Vice President, Health Promotion and Strategic Partnerships, West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Liz Menzer, Executive Director, Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence

Kat Morgan, Economic Development Director, City Albany, Missouri

Susan Nance, Director of Quality and Risk Management, Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital

Mitch Nachtigall, Executive Officer & Congressional Action Coordinator, South Dakota National Guard

Elena Quintanar, Community Health Promotion Specialist, County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency

Sarah Rafi, Administrative Analyst III, Agency Executive Office, County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency

Gary Rossi, Director of Career Services, California College of San Diego

Denise Shields, Founder and Principal, Shields Resource Group

Efrain Solis, Operations Director, Banner Health

Rick Tomen, Chief Strategist, Torus Solutions

Anne Warner, Executive Director, GSQC/NNEAE

Mary Zielinksi, Administrator, Capstone Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing