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The Communities of Excellence Framework

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We believe that a framework proven to drive performance excellence in companies and organizations, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, can be adapted to achieve performance excellence in communities.  This framework will be used to bring sustainable results to those that live, work, and play within their community across the key focus areas of community performance (educational attainment, economic vitality, health status, and safety). 

The framework will promote collaboration across key sectors and align the efforts of the businesses, organizations, school systems, and governmental organizations community-wide to implement and sustain community change.  Communities that commit to adapting the principles and practices of Community Performance Excellence will achieve and sustain, for their residents, improved health and well-being, better educational outcomes, and more robust economic conditions by encouraging collaboration across sectors, identifying and pursuing community-driven goals, fact-based evaluation of progress, and instilling a culture of leadership and responsibility across generations.

The Communities of Excellence Framework, designed specifically for communities, is based on the adaptation and translation of the Baldrige Principles of Performance Excellence, which have transformed organizations across the country. Using the Baldrige principles, these organizations have achieved significant and sustained improvements in performance, quality, and cost.  The framework consists of six categories that span strategic and operational processes which must be aligned to drive outcomes (results) for the community as a whole.   It will help region’s leadership and community partners collectively assess their performance, their leadership, and assess where improvements and innovations are most needed in order to get measurable results for their residents.