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Frequent Questions

Have some questions? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This section is the beginning of a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked. Just start by following one of the links below. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Our organization assists community leaders in implementing the Communities of Excellence Framework. This framework is adapted from a validated systems improvement framework – Baldrige – that we believe will improve health status, educational attainment, economic vitality and quality of life for residents in communities by focusing on improving overall community performance. For details on the services we provide, visit our What We Do section.

  2. What exactly do you mean by "Community"

    This is often the first question we are asked. We define community as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Our National Learning Collaborative includes small rural regions of 5000-10,000 people, cities, suburban areas, and urban regions as large as 500,000 people. What they have in common are cross-sector, inter-generational groups of formal and informal community leaders who are willing to commit the time, energy and resources to apply the principles of community performance excellence to their community with a committed backbone organization to support them.

  3. The Communities of Excellence Framework includes a set of key questions for improving the performance of communities and the people who lead and live in them. Rather than prescribe how communities should structure their community leadership, shared initiatives or action plans, or what the mission, goals and measures should be, the framework asks you to make those decisions as a community with input from all key sectors and generations involved. View the Communities of Excellence Framework for more information.

  4. We’re always on the lookout for individuals like you wanting to get involved. Visit our How To Help section to find out ways to donate or volunteer. Every Spring we issue a call for volunteer Examiners for the Communities of Excellence Assessment and Recognition Program. If you are interested contact us or join our mailing list for announcements.