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Tapp Network and PMG Partnership

Tapp Network and PMG Partnership

Communities of Excellence 2026, Tapp Network, and PMG Consulting Join Forces to Address the Social Determinants of Health Through Digital Transformation and the Baldrige-based Communities of Excellence Framework.

Communities of Excellence 2026 (COE) is proud to announce its strategic partnerships with Tapp Network and PMG Consulting, advancing its mission to improve the quality of life for our nation’s residents by assisting communities to adopt the Baldrige-based Communities of Excellence Framework. In July 2022 the US Congress authorized the addition of "Community" as the 7th Category of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards, further validating the importance of this framework and a systems approach to community transformation. The partnership with Tapp and PMG further enhances COE’s commitment to addressing key foundational issues such as educational attainment, job creation, safety, and health status through digital transformation and strategic community planning to ensure that every person in America has the opportunity to live their best life in communities that are thriving.

Leveraging Tapp Network's expertise in digital communications and data-driven community impact, COE will incorporate marketing-technology solutions into its offerings. Tapp Network has supported over 1,000 organizations worldwide addressing society’s most pressing challenges through digital transformation and has been trusted by statewide government bodies such as the Departments of Health, Labor, Education and the US Census.

PMG Consulting, led by CEO Peggy Geisler, will provide COE members with strategic guidance. PMG Consulting, a consultancy firm specializing in community development and organizational strategy, offers a wealth of experience, having led significant community-wide projects addressing literacy,  the opioid epidemic, health equity,  and workforce development. PMG will offer COE members tailored services, including strategic planning, resource development planning, leadership design and coaching, and communications planning.

Stephanie Norling, Executive Director of Communities of Excellence 2026, said, "We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnerships with TAPP Network and PMG Consulting. These alliances, built on demonstrated success and innovative solutions, will considerably augment our capacity to serve our communities. Together, we will catalyze positive change and foster the creation of vibrant, thriving communities and equitable outcomes for all residents."

Norling prompts all communities to step forward, and join their peers to leverage this collaboration, and together, shape a future where every community can truly thrive, enhancing the quality of life for all residents by visiting visiting Tapp Network and applying for a complimentary community consultation.

Ready to catalyze your community?

With a collective experience of over 75 years, PMG’s consultants led by Peggy Geisler have dedicated themselves to community engagement work, honing their expertise in creating systems and strategies that facilitate and drive social impact.

Landscape Analysis: In-depth assessments to help communities identify their strengths and challenges, providing a solid foundation for strategic planning and modernization.

Project & Systems Design: Tailored solutions to assist communities craft effective project plans, optimize systems, and secure resources, fostering transformation.

Strategic Planning: Assistance in crafting clear, actionable plans to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Resource Development: Optimization of resource allocation, securing funding, and creating sustainable strategies.

Collective Impact: Guidance through collective impact initiatives, coalition building, infrastructure development, and collaborative financing, promoting transformation and modernization.

Take the first step towards excellence today. Schedule a consultation with PMG Consulting, and let’s work together to unlock the full potential of your community. Contact us now to get started on your journey towards a brighter future for all residents. Contact Peggy Geisler, CEO/Chief Strategist, PMG Consulting, LLC // 410-310-5969

Ready to modernize your impact?

Tapp Network is your trusted digital transformation team serving to support your community’s needs to engage, mobilize, and align people resources – workers, volunteers, and citizenry on the initiatives that will make a difference in a given community.

Marketing and Technology Audits: Enhance your digital presence, streamline processes, and uncover growth opportunities.

Data and Systems Integration: Ensure seamless communication between community websites and critical systems, unifying data and breaking down silos for collaboration and modernization.

Community Dashboard Deployment: Access real-time data and customized dashboards to inform decisions and engage members transparently, supporting digital transformation.

Web & Application Development: Elevate your community and expand your capacity with enterprise-level web and custom application development services, utilizing automation, AI, robust databases, CRM solutions, and data insights.

Communication Campaigns: Specializing in omni-channel communication campaigns, including PR, Content Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Email, and Digital channels to ensure message consistency, drive behavioral changes, and amplify community impact.


Dive into the digital era with Tapp. Schedule a complimentary consultation and amplify your community’s digital footprint. Elevate your mission with us.

Contact Joe DiGiovanni Co-Founder Tapp Network, LLC // // 610-331-7510

About Tapp Network

Tapp Network is a technology company committed to driving community engagement and social impact. Their advanced digital solutions, including Web & Mobile App Development, Large-Scale Systems Integration, Managed Data, Services, and Integrated Marketing & Communications empower communities to connect, engage, and drive positive change.

About PMG Consulting

PMG Consulting is a renowned consultancy firm specializing in community development and organizational strategy. PMG Consulting supports communities in implementing effective strategies and achieving sustainable growth, enabling them to create thriving and resilient environments for their residents.