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Community Leadership

1 Community Leadership

1.1 Community Excellence Group Leadership: How do your leaders lead the community excellence group?

(1)    How do the leaders of your community excellence group set its VISION and VALUES?

(2)    How do these leaders’ actions demonstrate their commitment to legal and ETHICAL BEHAVIOR?

(3)     How do these leaders communicate with and engage KEY resident and other CUSTOMER groups, KEY STAKEHOLDERS, KEY community groups, and SEGMENTS?

(4)     How do these leaders’ actions create an environment for community success now and in the future?

(5)     How do these leaders create a shared focus on action that will achieve the community excellence group’s MISSION?


1.1(2). This should include promoting a community environment that requires legal and ethical behavior.

1.1(4). This involves creating an environment that will promote the achievement of the community excellence group's mission. It also involves cultivating agility and accountability, as well as cultivating learning for individuals and for the community excellence group.

1.1(5). Leaders should encourage frank, two-way communication; communicate key decisions and community priorities; and reinforce high performance by motivating community groups to participate in community performance improvement.

1.2 Governance and Societal Responsibilities: How does your community excellence group govern itself and fulfill its societal responsibilities?

(1)    How do you ensure responsible GOVERNANCE for your community excellence group?

(2)    How do you evaluate the performance of the group’s leaders?

(3)    How do you anticipate and address public concerns with the group’s programs and services?

(4)    How do you promote and ensure ETHICAL BEHAVIOR in all interactions?

(5)    How do you consider societal well-being and benefit as part of the group’s strategy?

(6)    How do you actively support and strengthen key groups and causes in the community at large?


1.2(1). Responsible governance includes accountability by leaders, fiscal accountability, transparency in operations, transparency in selection of individuals and groups who participate in the community excellence group, and protection of community interests.

1.2(3). Public concerns include any adverse societal impacts of your community excellence group’s compliance with and surpassing of regulatory and legal requirements, and risks associated with these programs and services.

Terms in SMALL CAPS are defined in the Glossary of Key Terms