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Community Leadership

Community Leadership

1 Community Leadership

1.1 Community Excellence Group Leadership: How do your leaders lead the community excellence group?


(1)  Setting VISION and VALUES  How do the leaders of your community excellence group set its VISION and VALUES? How do your leaders DEPLOY the VISION and VALUES through your LEADERSHIP SYSTEM to people, organizations, and groups involved; to KEY PARTNERS; and to residents, other CUSTOMERS, and other STAKEHOLDERS, as appropriate? How do leaders’ personal actions reflect a commitment to those VALUES?

(2)  Promoting Legal and ETHICAL BEHAVIOR How do your leaders’ actions demonstrate their commitment to legal and ETHICAL BEHAVIOR? How do leaders promote an environment that requires it?

b. Communication

How do your leaders communicate with and engage your community excellence group, key resident and other customer groups, and other KEY community groups? How do they

  • encourage frank, two-way communication;
  • communicate KEY decisions and needs for change; and
  • take a direct role in motivating the community excellence group toward HIGH PERFORMANCE and a focus on residents and other CUSTOMERS?


(1)  Creating an Environment for Success How do your leaders’ actions create an environment for community success now and in the future? How do they

  • create an environment for the achievement of your community excellence group’s MISSION;
  • create and reinforce your group’s culture, and a culture that fosters RESIDENT and other CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT and the ENGAGEMENT of the people, organizations, and groups involved;
  • cultivate agility, accountability, LEARNING for individuals and the group, INNOVATION, RESILIENCE, and INTELLIGENT RISK taking; and
  • participate in succession planning and the development of future excellence group leaders?

(2)  Creating a Focus on Action How do your leaders create a shared focus on action that will achieve the community excellence group’s mission? How do your leaders

  • create a focus on action that will improve the group’s PERFORMANCE;
  • identify needed actions;
  • in setting expectations for the group’s PERFORMANCE, include a focus on creating and balancing VALUE for residents, other CUSTOMERS, and other STAKEHOLDERS; and
  • demonstrate personal accountability for the group’s actions?

1.2 Governance and Societal Responsibilities: How does your community excellence group govern itself and fulfill its societal responsibilities?

a. Community Excellence Group GOVERNANCE

(1)  GOVERNANCE System How do you ensure responsible GOVERNANCE for your community excellence group? How does your GOVERNANCE system review and achieve the following?

  • Accountability for strategy
  • Fiscal accountability
  • Transparency in operations
  • Succession planning for leaders

(2)  PERFORMANCE Evaluation How do you evaluate the PERFORMANCE of the group’s leaders and its PERFORMANCE? How do your leaders use these PERFORMANCE evaluations to advance their development and improve the effectiveness of leaders and the LEADERSHIP SYSTEM, as appropriate?


(1)  Legal and Regulatory Compliance How do you anticipate and address public concerns with the group’s programs and services? How do you

  • address any adverse societal impacts of your shared programs and services,
  • anticipate public concerns with your future programs and services, and
  • prepare for these impacts and concerns proactively?

What are your KEY compliance PROCESSES, MEASURES, and GOALS for meeting and surpassing regulatory and legal requirements, as appropriate?

(2)  Ethical Behavior How do you promote and ensure ETHICAL BEHAVIOR in all interactions? What are your KEY PROCESSES and MEASURES or INDICATORS for promoting and ensuring ETHICAL BEHAVIOR throughout your group and in interactions with your people, organizations, groups, residents, other CUSTOMERS, PARTNERS, and other STAKEHOLDERS? How do you monitor and respond to breaches of ETHICAL BEHAVIOR?

c. Societal Contributions

How do you consider societal well-being and benefit as part of the group’s strategy? How do you contribute to the well-being of your environmental, social, and economic systems for the benefit of all residents?


1.2a(2). The evaluation of leaders’ performance might be supported by peer reviews and formal or informal feedback from and surveys of people involved in your group, as well as other stakeholders.

1.2b(2). Measures or indicators of ethical behavior might include instances of ethical conduct or compliance breaches and responses to them, survey results showing perceptions of the community excellence group’s ethics, and results of ethics reviews. Measures or indicators of ethical behavior might also include evidence that policies, training, and monitoring are in place for conflicts of interest; protection and use of sensitive data, information, and knowledge; and proper use of funds.

Terms in SMALL CAPS are defined in the Glossary of Key Terms