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Community Operations

Community Operations

6 Community Operations

6.1 Community Excellence Group Work Processes: How does your community excellence group design, manage, and improve its key programs, services, and work processes?

(1)    HOW do you determine the requirements for your KEY programs, services, and WORK PROCESSES?

(2)    What are your KEY WORK PROCESSES?

(3)    HOW do you design your programs, services, and WORK PROCESSES to meet requirements?

(4)    HOW does the operation of your shared work processes ensure that they meet KEY PROCESS requirements?

(5)    HOW do you improve your WORK PROCESSES to improve programs and services?

(6)    HOW do you pursue your opportunities for INNOVATION?

(7)    HOW do you manage the cost, efficiency, and EFFECTIVENESS of your operations?


6.1(2). Your community excellence group’s key work processes are its most important value-creation processes. They are carried out by the people, organizations, and groups involved in the community excellence group and produce customer, stakeholder, and resident value. They might include processes for designing and implementing programs and services and for resident and other customer support.

6.1(3). Your design of programs, services, and work processes should consider the programs and services offered by other community organizations. It should also incorporate the potential need for agility in your programs and services.

6.2 Community Safety and Resilience: How does your community ensure a safe community environment and community resilience?

a. Safety and RESILIENCE

(1)  SafetyHOW does your community excellence group participate in community efforts to provide a safe environment for residents and other CUSTOMERS? HOW does your community excellence group help ensure that residents and other CUSTOMERS can live, work, learn, and play in your community without fear or risk of injury?

(2)  RESILIENCEHOW does your community excellence group participate in community efforts to ensure community RESILIENCE? HOW does your community excellence group help prepare for hazard events, mitigate risks associated with these events, respond to these events, and recover from them when they occur?

b. Information Security

HOW do you ensure the security of sensitive or privileged data and information?


6.2. These questions ask about your community as a whole. Although responsibility for community safety and resilience does not lie with your community excellence group, the group should align and integrate its efforts with the community’s approaches in these areas.

6.2a(2). Community resilience is the ability of a community to prepare for anticipated hazards, adapt to changing conditions, and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions (see the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Community Resilience Planning Guide ( Hazards might be related to disruptions from weather, environmental changes, infrastructure failures, cyberattacks, community health emergencies, and technological accidents, among others. The extent to which your community prepares for hazard events will depend on its environment and its sensitivity to disruptions.

Terms in SMALL CAPS are defined in the Glossary of Key Terms