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People and Organizational Resources

5 People and Organizational Resources

5.1 People and Organizational Environment: How does your community excellence group build an effective and supportive environment for the people and organizations that do its work?

(1)    How do you assess and manage your CAPABILITY and CAPACITY needs for people and organizations?

(2)    How do you attract and retain new people and organizations?

(3)    How do you coordinate your people and organizations?

(4)    How do you prepare your people and organizations for changing CAPABILITY and CAPACITY needs?


5. The Communities of Excellence Framework views residents in two ways: as customers (users of the community’s offerings and the community excellence group’s programs and services—category 3) and as resources (to be engaged in doing the work of the community excellence group—category 5).

5.1(1). Capability refers to your community excellence group’s ability to carry out its programs and services through the skills, abilities, and competencies of its people and organizational resources. Capacity refers to sufficient staffing levels to carry out the programs and services.

5.1(2). Your community excellence group should benefit from the diverse ideas, cultures, and thinking within the community.  See the definition of diversity in the glossary.

5.1(3). This should involve coordinating and facilitating people and organizations to accomplish your community excellence group’s work; capitalize on the community’s core competencies; and reinforce a focus on residents, other customers, and the community excellence group’s mission.

5.1(4). This might involve preparing people and organizations for changes that result from, for example, a large employer leaving a community or from planned increases or decreases in programs and services.


5.2 Community Engagement: How does your community excellence group engage people and organizations to achieve high performance?

(1)    How do you determine the KEY drivers of COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT?

(2)    How do you assess COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT?

(3)    How do you foster a culture that is characterized by open communication, HIGH PERFORMANCE, and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT?

(4)    How does your PERFORMANCE accountability system for your people and organizations support HIGH PERFORMANCE and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT?

(5)    How do you support the personal development of community groups, residents, and leaders in ALIGNMENT with the community’s needs?

(6)    How do you evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the LEARNING and development offered to community groups, residents, and COMMUNITY LEADERS?

(7)    How do you carry out succession planning for your community excellence group’s leaders?


Community engagement is the extent of people’s and organizations’ emotional and intellectual commitment to accomplishing your work, mission, and vision.  It does not refer to their engagement as customers (category 3).

Terms in SMALL CAPS are defined in the Glossary of Key Terms