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Duane Reynolds, MHA

Duane Reynolds, MHA, is the President of the Chartis Center for Health Equity & Belonging and a partner with the Chartis firm. Recognized by countless organizations as a change maker within healthcare, Duane has helped to lead the national conversation around health equity and belonging. His work is illuminating new perspectives and helping others connect the dots between the imperative for health equity and the transformation of health and healthcare.

As Modern Healthcare, Business Equality Magazine, and other publications have pointed out, Duane's ideas and guidance have led mission-driven organizations to boost consumers’ access to care, experience and equity. His work has enabled clients to reconcile the truths of a broken healthcare system and what is required, both personally and professionally, to reconstruct a liberated system, free of bias and discrimination resulting in equitable health for all.

Modern Healthcare has twice recognized Reynolds. First in 2018, when he was named an ‘up and comer’ in the field and next in 2022 when he was named one of the nation’s top diversity leaders in healthcare. In 2021 Reynolds was awarded the Diversity Champion Award by The Ohio State University.

Since the onset of his more than two-decade healthcare executive career, Duane has actively created space for conversations on equity, inclusion, and health equity where none before existed.

As a healthcare consulting leader for The Advisory Board Company, Duane developed the division’s first inclusion and diversity department—and served as its inaugural chief executive. His work earned the organization recognition as a 2017 and 2018 “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign. Duane was the founder and CEO of Just Health Collective, prior to its acquisition by Chartis. He also served as president and CEO of the American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity and has held operational leadership positions at other prominent organizations including Johns Hopkins Medicine, Emory Healthcare, OhioHealth, and Optum, a United Health Group company.

Duane and the Chartis Just Health Collective team are leading transformation in organizations across the country seeking to create equity-informed cultures and to operationalize health equity and belonging. Duane's empathy, business savvy, and knack for building trust enable him to diagnose cultural blind spots and to call-in individuals to achieve shared power and human-centered understanding. He passionately makes a case for why organizations must recognize and embrace their roles in battling historical and systemic injustices to advance health equity and belonging.

Duane and his family reside in Atlanta, Georgia and he is a graduate of both The Ohio State University and Indiana University - Bloomington.