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Kruse Scholars

Ifrah Noor

Graduate Degree Expected
MHA, Healthcare Administration

Saint Paul, MN

University of Minnesota- Major: Health Services Management. Double minor in Leadership and Social Justice.

Why you are interested in the Kruse Scholar Program and how does this align with your academic and professional goals?

The Kruse scholarship program presents a unique opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of healthcare administration, with a particular focus on advancing health equity and making systemic changes in healthcare. What makes this scholarship especially compelling is its close association with the Baldrige Excellence Framework, a well-established approach to organizational excellence and continuous improvement.
By being a Kruse scholar, I will gain access to invaluable resources and opportunities that will allow me to delve into these critical areas. The Baldrige Excellence Framework will serve as a guiding light for my educational journey. It will not only emphasize the importance of performance excellence but will also provide a systematic approach to achieving it. In the context of healthcare, this translates to striving for the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.
What's particularly exciting is the opportunity to learn from experts who have successfully implemented the Baldrige Excellence Framework in healthcare settings. These individuals can bring real-world experiences and insights that will be immensely valuable to me. I will be able to understand how to apply the best practices in healthcare management, performance improvement, and quality assurance, which are fundamental for creating a more equitable and just healthcare system.
Being a Kruse scholar is not just an academic and professional opportunity; it is a chance to become part of a community of excellence. Beyond the confines of healthcare settings, I will learn how to consider the factors that influence well-being, from the individual to the societal level. This holistic approach to healthcare is needed in today's complex and interconnected healthcare landscape. As I embark on my journey, I see this opportunity as a stepping stone towards my dreams of making a difference in healthcare on a local and global scale, all while embracing the principles of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and Communities of Excellence. This alignment between my passion, the scholarship, and the Baldrige Excellence Framework creates a unique opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impact in health administration, benefiting everyone in our communities.