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Shehrose Charania

Shehrose Charania

Graduate School attended: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Graduate Degree or expected: Master of Public Health (MPH)

Undergraduate School attended: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Undergraduate Degree: Health Promotion and Health Equity, Public Policy, Global Health

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Why did you want to be a Kruse Communities of Excellence Scholar? 

I am driven and passionate to work towards quality improvement and patient safety by creating a system in place that would encompass the social determinants of health through a Communities of Excellence approach while addressing cultural, language and religious barriers. This is because I have experienced how unresponsive the healthcare system has been to racial, cultural and linguistic minority women and children in the U.S. My goal is to increase this responsiveness on a systems level through being the bridge between the patient and system.  As a first generation college student and daughter of immigrants, I have strived to find opportunities that would allow me to be a trailblazer of change and that is why I was determined to be part of the Kruse Scholar community. I believe in the Communities of Excellence 2026 mission wholeheartedly and wish to be a change agent in alleviating health disparities by engaging in developmental opportunities.