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Vanessa Santamaria

Vanessa Santamaria

Graduate School attended: University of Minnesota

Graduate Degree or expected: Masters in Healthcare Administration 

Undergraduate School attended: University of South Florida

Undergraduate Degree: Public Health

Specific Area of Interest within Field: Health Policy and Equity 

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL 

Why did you want to be a Kruse Communities of Excellence Scholar? 

I want to be a Kruse Scholar because I have observed first-hand the multitude of health disparities and inequities that affect the overall well-being of communities. These disparities lead to limited opportunities available to people living in those communities and prevent sustainability and generational wealth, especially among marginalized populations. Incorporating the Communities of Excellence Framework can help communities across the United States by establishing community leaders and utilizing resources across the different sectors. This can help close the gap on health disparities and create more opportunities for the future generations. I would like to implement the Communities of Excellence Framework as a healthcare leader to impact the health outcomes of patients in a positive way.