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Getting Started Readiness Self-Assessment

In order to ensure that you and your community have the most positive and productive experience engaging in the spectrum of Communities of Excellence 2026 programs, we request that you complete this self-assessment. If you opt to include your email address, the results will be sent to you when the form is submitted.


Gather a small group of people who are interested in learning more about applying the Communities of Excellence Framework to your community development and improvement efforts. This tool is designed to help your group determine where to start in embarking upon your Communities of Excellence Journey as a community excellence group.


We recommend that each person in your group complete the assessment individually and then come together to discuss each statement and/or question to come up with a collective answer. If there are varying levels of knowledge about a topic, go with the most knowledgeable perspective in your group. If you are not sure of the answer, use your best judgment. You are also free to contact our Executive Director Stephanie Norling at or 619-719-1045 to discuss your questions.


Mark the box that best describes your understanding of your community and its leaders in formal (i.e. those with elected or paid titles) and informal (i.e. civic and social organization volunteer titles) positions.


If you responded with a 3 or 4, please fill in the answers to the next two questions before moving to Question 3.

If you responded with a 3 or 4, please fill in the answers to this question and the next. 


Total the score in each column.  If your group scored 3 or 4 on nearly all of the statements (total of 30 or more), your group is likely ready to get started with the next offering of the Communities of Excellence 2026 three-phase National Learning Collaborative.  If your group scored a 1 or 2 on most of the statements (total is less than 30), we welcome the opportunity to discuss your results and determine whether our introductory workshops or the first phase of the Collaborative is the right place for you and your group to get started on your Community Excellence Journey.  We look forward to engaging with you as you apply the Communities of Excellence Framework to difference-making collaboration in your community.


Please fill in your information below and submit this form.  You can also contact our Executive Director Stephanie Norling at or 619-719-1045 today to discuss next steps.  Thank you!

If you would like a pdf of this assessment, download it here.

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