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Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Community Definition and Identity

Excelsior Springs (ES), located in Clay County, is approximately 30 miles northeast of Kansas City, Missouri.  The population within the city limits is approximately 11,000.  Our geographic community, which includes residents that utilize Excelsior Springs’ amenities and public services, is better reflected in the zip code population of approximately 17,000.[1]  The population growth within the city limits is considerably slower than that of neighboring communities.  Excelsior Springs is bordered by the larger Metro Kansas City area to the south, suburbs to the west, and rural areas to the north and east. Residents travel within the region for work, play, education, medical services, and commerce.  Excelsior Springs residents share a strong sense of pride in the community.  We are proud of our town’s heritage and eager to meet the challenges that the future will bring.

2019 5-Year Population Estimates

  • Excelsior Springs 11,640
  • Kearney 10,095
  • Liberty 31,328
  • Smithville 9,884
  • Clay County 242,516

2018 5-Year Population Estimates

  • Excelsior Springs 11,731
  • Kearney 10,858
  • Liberty 32,100
  • Smithville 10,795
  • Clay County 249,948

Key Advantages and Challenges

Advantages Challenges
The community’s rich mineral water heritage, dating back to the late 1800’s, provides a unique setting for heritage tourism Housing: There is a lack of mid-range (workforce) housing options for rent and sale and a surplus of rundown or vacant housing
Excelsior Springs is home to a high-end hotel and spa as well as several bed and breakfasts, event venues, and quaint shops and restaurants Healthcare: Chronic disease contributes to a decrease in life span of several years compared to surrounding zip codes
Excelsior Springs is easily accessible to I-35, making it an ideal location for a weekend getaway or wedding Economic Vitality: Availability of local living wage jobs is a "moderate” or "serious problem"