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Current Community Cohorts

We began with 2 pilot community sites in San Diego County’s South Region and Northwest Missouri and their enthusiasm and progress convinced us that it was important to take our efforts to the next level. In 2017, we launched our 1st National Learning Collaborative consisting of 6 communities across the US. Currently, there are 25 communities involved, representing a cross-section of rural, suburban, and urban communities throughout the country who are tackling challenging issues such as childhood obesity, mental health, substance abuse, and lack of quality education and job opportunities.

In addition to their community-focused work, they work together across communities to shared approaches, best practices, and challenges, with the ultimate goal of improving the overall health status, educational attainment and economic vitality for their residents.  We are stronger as communities when we work together across the community to implement solutions to the grand challenges we face. 

Learn about the Communities Involved

Alumni - Started 2017 - 2021

Phase Three - Started 2021-2022

Phase Two - Started 2022-2023

Phase One - Started 2023-2024