Beginning May 2nd, 2017, five communities began their collaborative Communities of Excellence journeys.  These five communities worked with us for four months on a series of learning modules designed to help the communities understand the Baldrige- based principles of community performance excellence and to develop their Community Profiles.  

In October of 2017, five more communities joined our Collaborative and together they all met for the first time in Tempe, Arizona for a full two days of learning, networking and inspiring conversation.  Over the ensuing months, these communities attended online collaborative learning sessions to increase their understanding of performance excellence, develop their Community Profile and begin putting together their shared Community Strategic Plans.  

In October of 2018, five communities joined us for their first year and our current communities will move on to a second year together.

In addition to their community-focused work, they work together across communities to shared approaches, best practices, and challenges, with the ultimate goal of improving the overall health status, educational attainment and economic vitality for their residents.  We are stronger as communities when we work together across the community to implement solutions to the grand challenges we face.  Communities of Excellence 2026 believes that these communities will be even stronger when they have the opportunity to work with other communities in a positive and engaging learning environment.

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